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Questions Specific to Bob's Lock, Safe and Key

I lost my keys, do you have a "master" key?

A master key is a key that can open multiple doors in a mastered lock system. There is a single "master" key that can open all locks. Additionally, if you are on a mastered system the locksmith must have access to the system listing in order to make additional keys or change your locks to a different key. - Updated: October 9, 2003

How are warranties handled?

All hardware warranties are established and covered by the individual manufacturer. Quite often they will have us perform the service for them but that is their option, not ours. Check the package that the part came in, warranty information should be on it or in it. (Threw the box away? See if you can find a new identical item, the warranty is probably the same.)

I want to buy a safe, can you help?

Bob's Lock, Safe and Key has the largest show room selection of safes in the valley. We have gun safes, wall safes, floor safes, free standing safes, vaults, gun lockers, fire safes, drop safes, and deposit safes. With all the various types, styles, colors and finishes available you really need to drop by and see them. Take a minute and talk to our salesmen. We will answer all of your questions frankly and without any heavy pressure salesmanship. - Updated: 11/03

Can you come out and work on my car?

We offer full in-the-field locksmith services. However, if your vehicle can be brought to the shop the cost is less (no trip charge, etc.) and most of the replacement parts are readily available in our supply department (no trip to the shop for parts). - Updated: 11/03

Can you come out and work on my car?

We offer full in-the-field locksmith services. However, if your vehicle can be brought to the shop the cost is less (no trip charge, etc.) and most of the replacement parts are readily available in our supply department (no trip to the shop for parts). - Updated: 11/03

Can you re-key cars?

We can fix, change, or replace the locks in the majority of vehicles. If your car has a manufacturer installed security system we recommend that you call us before coming down. We schedule car work on a first-come first-served basis. Call (801)966-6767 to schedule work. - Updated: 11/03

What are your hours and days of operation?

Bob's Lock, Safe and Key is open weekdays from 8:30a.m to 5:30p.m. MST. Our shop is not open on Saturday or Sunday but we can be reached for service by phone anytime at (801)966-6767. We are closed for the following U.S. holidays; New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve - Christmas Day.

Questions regarding use of business security products

What is a master key system?

If you were to randomly buy locks and install them, there is a chance that someone's key would let them go where they shouldn't. A master key system prevents such happenings. A master key system assigns every key a unique biting that makes sure no unwanted access is granted. That same system also permits people who need common access to certain areas to do so without the need for a fist full of keys. It can also allow changing certain areas without having to re-key the entire complex. If you have many and varied access issues or a high employee turnover you will want your locksmith to get you into a master key system. It will be cost effective in the long run. -Updated: April 22, 20002

Can I "watch" my business when I am not there?

Thanks to the internet and high speed connections (cable or DSL) the answer is now yes. If you already have a surveillance system check with your installer or your local security expert (many Locksmith shops are gaining this expertise). If you have a dial-up modem don't despair, you will be able to view the shop but not in "real time", in other words you will view a series of still shots. - Updated: April 22,2002

Who works on door closers?

Locksmiths usually end up working on door closers since they also have to adjust doors to make the locks work correctly. Contact your local locksmith and they can help to direct you as appropriate. -Updated: January 11, 2002

When should I re-key my business?

Any time you feel the potential loss to the company would exceed the cost of upgrading you should seriously consider updating your system. Red flags should be such things as removal of an employee who had keys, missing inventory with no evidence of forced entry, and the fact that you haven't updated the locks for a long time. -Updated: January 11, 2002

How can I limit pilferage?

Depending in the amount of loss, you may want to consider monitoring (CCTV) systems, user logging, time limited access, and/or master-key control systems. Your local locksmith should be able to help you with cost and installation questions. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Questions regarding use of household security products

Exactly what is re-keying?

When a lock is re-keyed the "bitting" of the lock is changed to allow a new key to be used but exclude the old key. The bitting is set by the internal parts that move when the key is inserted. The bitting must match the cuts on the key or the lock will not release. By using your old lock mechanism that is still in good working order you effectively have a "new" lock at a greatly reduced price (since the old keys don't work, as if you had replaced the entire lock). - Updated: September 11, 2003

How secure is my lock?

If your lock was installed by the builder of the house it is probably "adequate" for the most part, since most home invasions and burglaries do not involve forcing the lock. You may still want to consider upgrading the quality of the lock and the quality of the installation. There is a wide variety of options depending on what you have and where you want to end up. Check with your local security professional for suggestion. Many you can do yourself. - Update: April 22, 2002

Is there a way to hide a key at my house?

While hiding keys is never as secure as keeping personal possession of them there are a variety of devices that let you store keys for emergency use. Realtors use a "key box" to store keys so they don't have to carry them. These are available at your local locksmith. There are models that have a loop like a padlock and ones that mount to the wall. They have a cover with push buttons where you enter a code to open the door and access the key. - Updated: April 22, 2002

Is there a "master" key that fits all locks?

No, there isn't. This is one of the urban myths. If that were true there would be no locksmith trade and all burglars would be rich and living in the south seas! - Updated: January 11, 2002

Why use a double cylinder deadbolt?

Double cylinder deadbolts are generally used where a window is within an arm's reach of the lock and could allow unlocking just by breaking the window. A double cylinder deadbolt system makes you use a key no matter which side of the door you are on. Warning: this also applies to you needing to leave in a hurry. You must keep a key near the door for emergency exit reasons. (Don't put it where it can be seen or reached from that broken window!) - Updated: January 11, 2002

What is "keyless entry"?

Even before the "digital age" there were pushbutton types of locks that allowed you to enter a "combination:. They are still around and have a great track record. Now, however, there are newer digital locks that perform functions impossible for the mechanical types, such as: usage logging, time and data access control, single use function and invalid code alarm. A visit to your local security professional will show you what is available (and be a real eye opener!). - Updated: January 11, 2002

How can I get a pick-proof lock?

There are no totally pickproof locks. There are, however, locks that are so hard to pick that there is virtually no chance of compromising them. Price by itself does not guarantee security, you need to discuss you needs with your local locksmith and decide from the options he gives you. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Can you make my house work on only one key?

You can usually key locks alike if one key will enter all of the candidate locks. There are a few exceptions, consult with your local locksmith. - Updated: January 11, 2002 What does "master-key" mean? The purpose of master-keying is to reduce the number of keys you have to carry. Master-keying of a residence usually means that all the locks will work from one key. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Common questions answered about safes

I lost my combination to my safe, do you have it on record?

The short answer is no. We do not keep records on safe combinations, both because of the potential liability involved and because of the logistics of the situation. However, if you did not have the combination change when the safe was installed the manufacturer may have a record of the combination that was on the safe when it shipped. We need the manufacture, model, and serial number of you safe to check into it. Call the shop (801)966-6767 with the information and we will do our best. - Updated: 11, 2003

What is a floor safe?

A floor safe is an all-metal safe that is buried in the floor of your house. it offers extremely good burglar and fire protection since all but the lid is buried. The two main downsides to floor safes are that you must consider how condensation can effects the contents (use "ziplock" bags ) and that you must get down to the floor level to retrieve the contents (may be a problem for people with limited mobility or when you have that brand new $5,000.00 dress on ). - Updated : January 11, 2002

Can a safe be bolted down?

Most, if not all, jewelry (burglar resistant) and gun safes have provisions to bolt them down and prevent movement. Most fire safes do not have these provisions. - Updated: January 11, 2002

I need my safe moved, can you help?

we can move most safes whether purchased from us or not. We have the equipment to move almost any safe. The cost is determined by the location, the weight, the distance, and any special procedures or precautions we must take. However, we can't move heavy safes from or to second story locations or from locations that require cutting holes in roofs , walls, or floors. Call the shop (801)966-6767 and ask for Bill, he will discuss the move and give you an answer. - Updated: 11, 2003

Can I store valuables in a "Gun Safe"?

As in a lot of safe questions the answer is both yes and no. Gun safes are primarily designed to protect guns from heat and improper access. The burglary protection is mot nearly that of a true "jewelry" or "burglar resistant" safe. Thus, the overriding consideration is whether you feel the protection offered by the gun safe is adequate for the value of the contents. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Can I store computer disks in a safe?

Yes and no. A safe including a "fire safe" will protect your computer from fire but the protection may not be adequate to save it. Media safes are required to limit temp and humidity extremes in order to protect. Most safes cannot do an adequate job of either/both. If a safe is capable of protecting media you can bet they will advertise it up front. - Updated: January 11, 2002

What is a "Fire Safe"?

A "Fire Safe" is just what the name implies and no more, it is designed to protect your documents from fire. It is designed with a thin metal skin and lots of insulation. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Questions regarding automotive locks

How can I hide a key on my car for emergencies?

There are a variety of containers specially designed to "hide" a key on you car. However, they are all subject to discovery. They also mostly rely on either magnetic or hook-and-loop attachment which can be accidentally dislodged. One of the more innovative designs around hides a spare key in the gas cap. (This works well only if you keep the gas key separated from the door key.) If you do hide a key in your car be inventive in your attachment method and key location. Keys in the wheel wells, under the bumper and behind the license plate are all well known places. - Updated: April 22, 2002

When do I need to change locks?

There are two main scenarios which point to changing of a vehicle's locks. 1) If you have just recently purchased the vehicle used. Who knows how many keys are out there and who has them. Paying to get the car on a new key is a lot less suffering than having the car taken! 2) If the existing keys are worn and don't work right you may need to replace the locks. Remember, only half of the wear happens to the key, the other half happens to the lock. If your key is worn the lock mechanism probably is too. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Can you make my whole car work on one key?

The answer is generally no. If your car didn't come with a single key system it usually cannot be retrofitted to be that way. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Can my ignition key be duplicated?

Yes, the ignition key can be duplicated. However, if you have a built-in security function the key may have to be duplicated by a car dealer. A call to a local lock shop should quickly determine if they can do the job. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Questions regarding security alarms and monitoring systems (CCTV)

What is a DVR?

DVR Stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is a computer that does video recording. A DVR tries to give you the best of both worlds, it gives you digital recording of the camera while preserving it as a digital image that can be copied without loss of detail. DVRs also give many enhanced features such as user defined motion detection areas, scheduled recording, triggered recording, automatic overwriting of old data when the drive is full, password control, all with a graphical interface screen. Just as the computer industry is changing, so is the DVR. New methods and capabilities are showing up all the time! - Updated: September 11, 2003.

What about the video doorbells?

An interesting innovation has occurred in the video answering field. There are a variety of systems now on the market that let you use the existing doorbell wiring to add a video camera and two-way voice. You can stay safe and comfortable and see and talk to someone at your door. People using these systems have nothing but praise for the way they work. - Updated: January 11, 2002

What about the new wireless systems?

Miniaturization has done much to change the world we live in. The wireless systems are much simpler to install and get going. They do, however, have limitations which you should consider. 1. Being battery powered you have to be very vigilant about changing the batteries. 2. They operate over the air and are subject to "radio" interference. 3. The setup procedures can be difficult in all but the most basic installations. 4. If you install it yourself you don't have the years of wisdom that a professional security expert brings to the design and implementation of the system. - Updated: January 11, 2002

How much will a CCTV system cost?

The short answer is $100.00 and up. It all depends on what you want to monitor (people, locations, machinery, ets.). Where you want to monitor (inside, outside, ec.), and what you want to do with the results (view, record, publish on the internet, etc.). Since there are so many variables involved that it is truly impossible to have a one-system-fits-all price. - Updated: January 11, 2002

Can I record my babysitter?

Most states and localities allow video monitoring and taping of locations inside your house. Local "Common Decency" laws can influence what you can and can't do so you need to research your options or call a security professional familiar with your local rules. - Updated: January 11, 2002

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